Project Description
A collection of open source projects created and maintained by e-office developers. Visit the website for more information about e-office.

Profile Property Manager

The Profile Property Manager provides support to export and import the properties and the data of the SharePoint Profiles into the Shared Service Provider.

Office Communicator Presence Screensaver

A Windows Presentation Foundation Presence screensaver showing the presence state of your UC contacts while you are away.

Content By Type and List Item Filter webparts for SharePoint

The Content By Type web part is a SharePoint web part that aggregates content of a specific content type into a view. Much like the Content Query web part, but easier to use by end-users. They just need to select the content type and the columns they want to be displayed. The webpart queries the site (or site collection) for items. Webpart support a gridview (paging, sorting, grouping) and a calendar view. This page shows a screenshot below of the ContentByType web part rolling up documents and explains the main features.
The List Item Filter web part is a SharePoint Filter web part that you can use to filter SharePoint content based on the values of a specific field in a SharePoint list. Options are shown in a dropdownlist, radiobutton list or checkbox list. The list of available options can be filtered based on another filter web part. This page shows a screenshot of the List Item Filter webpart.
This link takes you to the latest release: This page also has links to more detailed information.

SharePoint Edit Document Library

A SharePoint 2007 document library schema with 2 extra "Edit" links. These links behave the same as the "Edit in...." links in the context menu of a document. This makes it easier for Office 2003 users to work with documents. When included in a view, these links open the document in Edit mode. The default behavior is that the document opens in ReadOnly mode.
This link takes you to the latest release:

SharePoint Page Column Filter Web Part

This package contains an improved verion of the SharePoint Page Field Filter Web Part. This version can be used to provide a filter to connected consumer webparts, loaded from a lookup field.
See this blog post for more details:
This link takes you to the latest release:

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